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Laser Cleaning

Laser Cleaner for Rust Removal

Laser cleaning machines can be widely used for various surface cleaning, one of the most common applications of laser cleaning machines is metal rust removal.

In the metal laser rust removal process, a high-powered laser beam is directed onto the rusted surface. The intense energy from the laser beam interacts with the rust, causing the rust to evaporate or ablate.

The whole process of laser cleaning is non-contact and without the need for abrasive techniques or harmful chemicals. The laser rust cleaning allows for targeted rust removal without damaging the underlying material, making it suitable for delicate or intricate surfaces. 

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Laser Cleaner for Paint Stripping

Laser cleaning machines can not only be used for rust removal but also can be used for efficient laser paint stripping.

The laser cleaning machines offer a cleaner, faster, and more precise alternative to traditional paint stripping methods, laser cleaning can be used for paint stripping on materials like metals and wood etc.

The laser cleaning machines are widely adopted in automotive and maritime maintenance, the laser paint stripping ensures precision for car, ship etc. repainting. In historical restoration, lasers cleaning machines delicately remove paint layers from artifacts without damage to the workpiece. Additionally, for products like wood furniture, laser paint stripping machines efficiently readies surfaces for new painting.

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Laser Cleaner for Coating Removal

The laser cleaning machine can not only be used for removing rust and paint, but it can also be used for coating removal.
The laser coating removal is an ablative process whereby laser energy is focused and absorbed by the surface, resulting in the vaporization of the coating with minimal effect on the underlying substrate. The laser coating removal machine can be applied to various materials including metal, plastics, composites and glass.
Laser cleaning machines can be used to remove coatings from parts or circuit boards and electronic components. Laser coating removal can also be used in heavy industries such as aerospace and shipbuilding etc. for coating removals for their cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional abrasive and chemical processes. 

Discover the SFX Laser Cleaning Machine Worldwide

For customers who want to have a demo before purchasing our laser cleaning machine, we are actively establishing global cooperation demonstration sites.

We currently have successively established laser cleaning machine demonstration sites in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom and France etc. apart from our China headquarters to provide you with demonstration services, making you purchase our laser cleaning machine with no worries.

In the United States alone there are over 20 demonstration sites spread across various states, if a demo is needed, you are welcomed to confirm with us which demo site is most convenient for you.

SFX laser world wide laser cleaning machine demo sites