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SFX 2000W Portable Handheld Laser Metal Rust Remove Machine for Metal Rust Paint Oxide Oil Coating Removal Surface Treatment

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SFX 2000W Portable Laser Cleaner Laser Metal Rust Remover Machine BLC-2000 Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine for Rust/Paint/Oxide/Oil Removal for Functional and Design Surfaces Treatment 

The SFX 2000W Laser cleaning machine has many advantages such as integrated design, portable and lightweight, flexible and adjustable parameters, etc. The 2000w portable fiber laser cleaning machine can efficiently remove rust, oxide, paint, and oil on the surface of the workpiece, etc. The laser cleaning machine can be applied to mechanical processing, mechanical parts restoration, mold cleaning, car auto truck repair, and other industries. 

SFX handheld continuous laser cleaning machine for metal or nonmetallic surface cleaning. The laser cleaning machine has a wide application, it can be used for rust removal and surface pre-treatment in steel fabrication, preparation of adhesive bonding for metals, pretreatment for welding and brazing, partial decorating, selective paint removal, removal of metal mold surfaces dirt, etc. 

The laser cleaning gun has with upgraded auto-blowing function, It can blow away dust during work and prevent the lens surface of the laser cleaning machine from being contaminated.

Specifics of the 2000w continuous fiber laser cleaning machine

Name: 2000W Laser Cleaner Metal Rust Remover Machine

Model: SFX-BLC-2000

Laser Power: 2000watt

Laser Source: Fiber Laser MAX, 1080nm Wavelength

Maximum Modulation Frequency: 20KHz 

Laser Type:  Continuous/Modulation

Delivery Cable Length: 10m (15m can be customized)

Max Scan Width: 160±10mm                  

Total Power: 10KW

Cooling Method: Water Cooling (Medium: Deionized Water, Distilled Water or Purified Water)     

Power Supply Voltage: 220V single-phase  

Machine Dimension:  905*480*630mm

Water Tank Capacity: 16L (14-15L of Water to be Added)

Features of the 2000w portable handheld laser cleaning machine:

Easy to move: The SFX laser cleaning machine has with upgraded laser cleaning head, which is of independent research and development. With its lightweight design, it facilitates easy handling and operation. Their integrated water-cooler chassis minimizes their volume, enhancing portability and convenience, especially for on-the-go applications.

High Cleaning Efficiency: The laser cleaning machine features a 400mm focal length and a cleaning width of up to 160mm, it excels in precision cleaning, particularly on large and irregular workpieces. Its short focus capability ensures efficient cleaning with minimal light attenuation and high tolerance levels. 

Protective function: The integration of an automatic blowing function prevents impurities from adhering to the protective lens of the laser cleaning machine, thereby safeguarding its longevity and performance.

Wide applications: the laser cleaning machines display remarkable flexibility and efficiency across diverse industrial processing scenarios. It can be used to remove paint, coatings, contaminants, rust, graffiti residues, etc. from metal and some non-metallic materials for surface treatment.

Convenient to use: the laser cleaning machines are designed with ergonomics, user-friendly, with intuitive English operation interfaces for easy parameter adjustment. The cleaning process is non-contact, with no need for consumables, and avoids damage to the workpiece surface. Moreover, the 10-meter standard brand optical fiber cable enables long-distance and flexible operation, and the 15-meter cable line can be customized, enhancing accessibility and versatility in various cleaning tasks.

Shipping & Warranty:

Free shipping by international express(UPS/DHL/Fedex) with door-to-door service, estimated time of arrival is about 4-7 working days. Duties are included for shipping to the US.

We provide one-yeara a one-year warranty for the whole 2000W Laser Cleaner and a two-year warranty for the laser sourceLifetime technical supports are provided. 

USA After sales center is in Buffalo, NY.

Packing List:

1 set x 2000w Rust Removal Laser Cleaning Machine

1 pair x Goggles

1 pair x Gloves

SFX 2000W Portable Handheld Laser Metal Rust Remove Machine for Metal Rust Paint Oxide Oil Coating Removal Surface Treatment SFX 2000W Portable Handheld Laser Metal Rust Remove Machine for Metal Rust Paint Oxide Oil Coating Removal Surface Treatment sfx laser,Rust Remover Machine,Painting Remover,Metal Rust Remover Machine,rust laser cleaning machine,laser metal cleaner,hand held laser rust remover

2000w Laser Cleaner Metal Rust Remover Machine
Laser Power:
Cable Length:
Laser Source:
Fiber Laser MAX, 1080nm
Package Dimension:
Laser Type:
Toal Power:
Scanning Width:
Cooling Method:
Water Cooling
Water Tank Capacity:
16L (14-15L of Water to be Added)
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