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SFX-LYXC was established Feb. 2004, currently employing more than 100 engineers, technicians and associates.

We manufacture more than 100 models of industrial processing machinery including SFX Laser Machinery, EDM Machinery, Oil Water Separator and Quality Control Technologies.

Fundamental to our administrative and manufacturing facilities is a core culture of Compliance, Regulation and Quality Control.

Backing these core policies is an extensive certification and compliance including but not limited to: ISO 9001-2000, Autonomous import and export, and FDA and CE.

SFX-LYXC has established multiple domestic and overseas distribution centers. USA locations include: California, New Jersey, Minnesota and Western NY. Other locations include New Zealand, Moscow Russia, Munich Germany. among others.

Our SFX Laser Division, backed by our extensive industrial manufacturing history resources continues to receive fantastic client feedback.

Quality - Service - Technology, welcome to SFX Laser.

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As our world has tranformed to be internet and online foused,SFX has embraced distribution on platforms such as; Amazon,Newegg, Ebay and Walmart. We currently export to 79 countries and regions to include;USA, Canada, Germany, S. Korea, India, UK and ltaly. 

2 European Warehouse-----Munich; Moscow.

3 Chinese Warehouse-----North; Central and South China.

5 American Warehouse-----New Jersey; Kentucky; Texas; California 1 and California.

79 Countries and Regions-----Worldwide Sales.

160+ Global Employees-----Talented; Educated; Dedicated.

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Our company is a National High-tech Enterprise, a National Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprise,a "Nurturing" Enterprise of Henan Science and Technology Giant, a Smart Workshop and a Smart Factory in Henan Province, who is committed to a number of industrial product segments. Obtained nearly 30 national, provincial and municipal honors, and successfully obtained 69 patents.


American After Sales Center is located in Buffalo NY 14225. 

12 hours quick response.

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