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SFX Laser

SFX Laser is a laser equipment company integrating R&D, manufacturing, and trading. Our product line includes fiber laser cleaning machines, optical fiber marking machines, CO2 laser cutting machines, fiber laser welding machines, and various other laser equipment.

Adhering to the service philosophy that quality products propel progress, we meticulously oversee the quality of each SFX laser machine. Every spare part used in SFX laser machines is sourced from globally renowned brands and subjected to rigorous testing procedures. To further guarantee quality, each SFX Laser machine is assigned a unique code for traceability.

In a bid to ensure prompt machine delivery, we maintain inventories of our best-selling SFX machine models in California and Texas, USA, ensuring swift deliveries to our customers. Additionally, our partnership with Mr. Tom Dundas in New York, USA, provides a dedicated professional for post-sales inquiries, ensuring a speedy resolution to any concerns.

As dedicated manufacturers of laser equipment, we extend personalized services and welcome customization requests. Feel free to reach out to us for any specific requirements – we're here to assist!