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SFX Laser

SFX Laser comes from Luoyang SFX Industrial Technology Co., Ltd and Xincheng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. which integrates R&D, factory and trade and supply optical fiber marking machines, CO2 laser cutting machines, fiber laser welding machines, fiber laser cleaning machines and other laser equipment.

Adhering to the service tenet of quality products moving the world, we strictly control the quality of each laser machine.

Every spare part of the SFX laser machine comes from world-renowned brands and has been repeatedly tested.

Each SFX Laser machine has a unique code to ensure that the quality of the machine can be traced.

To ensure the timeliness of machine transportation, we store hot-selling models of SFX machines in California and Texas in the United States and deliver the machines to customers with the fastest timeliness.

In New York, USA, we have a professional partner, Mr. Tom Dundas, to provide you with after-sales answers to ensure that any problems can be resolved quickly.

As a professional laser equipment manufacturer, we accept customized services, Please contact us for any needs!!