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SFX 3D JPT MOPA M7 Fiber Laser Marking Machine 60W 80W 100W Metal and Non-metal Material Engraving FL7210-3D-300 Galvanometer

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3D Fiber Laser Engraving Machine For Precision Engraving On Various Materials

3D fiber laser engraving machine applied advanced fiber laser technology to engrave complex and intricate designs with high accuracy and speed.

200×200mm or 300×300mm area optical


1. Adopted advanced optical design scheme, it is characterized by small light loss, small volume, high positioning accuracy, fast marking speed and strong anti-interference ability, etc. It is suitable for laser fine processing of various large surface, complex surface and deep carving.

2. High speed system, meets above 3000mm/s precision hatch speed. 

3. Maximum scan field up to 200x200mm, meets large scan field engraving requirements (300mmx300mm/400x400mm Optional)

4. Maximum marking height up to 80mm@200mm

5. Precisely control the focal length position of laser marking machine, automatically adjust Z-axis for 3D deep marking process, keep the spot size to minimum, ensure the uniform graphic effect after marking on the object.

6. Adopted MM3D 3D software system to support various file formats, vector, bitmap and text bar code import, which is easy to learn and operate.

7. Built-in concave and convex circular tube, concave and convex sphere, slope, cone, polygon and other basic models, the operator can easily and rapidly set the marking.

8. 3D models can be imported; 2D graphics can be directly cladded or projected on built-in curve surface.

9. The whole system adopted the optimization designing of electromagnetic compatibility, with high signal-to-noise ratio and strong anti-interference ability.

A 3-axis precision motion system provides linear motion on X, Y and Z axes for complete 3D laser engraving coverage.  The motion controller synchronizes the firing of laser pulses with movement of galvo mirrors or the motion system for consistent depth and pattern accuracy even at high speeds.

The laser marker can be used to engrave on a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, wood, glass, ceramics, and more. It can also engrave on curved surfaces, making it ideal for customizing cylindrical or spherical objects. The 3D laser engraver is ideal for use in a variety of industries, including jewelry making, manufacturing, signage production, and more. It’s an essential tool for businesses and individuals who require precise and high-quality engraving on various materials.

 SFX 3D JPT MOPA M7 Fiber Laser Marking Machine 60W 80W 100W Metal and Non-metal Material Engraving FL7210-3D-300 Galvanometer 3D JPT MOPA Fiber Laser Marking Machine Laser Engraver 3D Engraving 3D fiber laser engraving machine,3D fiber laser marking machine,3D laser marking machine for sale,JPT 3D laser engraving,3D laser engraver,3D laser marking equipment,laser engraving,laser marking,3D engraving,3D marking,laser engraver

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